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    Ok so i am obviously new to this board but i knew that the this old house people would have the answers to my questions.... after a weird phone conversation with my dad and three hours of internet research i am at a loss.... the question is has anyone used diapers new used or otherwise to insulate or build a home... sounds like a great idea to me since they stay int he land fill for like 18000 years why are people not usiong these things in there walls.... besides the obvious smell and disease isuues.... it seem like a great plan to me... i have found shoe insoles roof shingles and even pool covers but no huggies house... any help anyone has would be appreciated.....
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    I have to think it's because of the composition of diapers. The gel they use these days to absorb wetness expands and becomes pretty disgusting with even a little water...let alone covered in baby messes! Even using unused diapers would be impossible unless you could ensure absolute dryness, and it wouldn't help the environment to use unused diapers anyway. They're too expensive to throw away!

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    Uhhh.... No. No. No. Diapers are not for sheathing houses, and they don't insulate them. Don't even think about it. I can't imagine how that came up in conversation, but it had to have been a hoot!

    So, no. Use them for their intended purpose or to soak up a sudden spill of some kind (new ones only!), but not as insulating or building material.

    I don't know if any company 'recycles' them into something to build with, but can't imagine it with what they're made of these days.

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    Huhhh .. this is better to know from house wife because i am single ops . Besides we can't imagine to insulate or re build dippers , Always new one it may protect from many disease .


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    It's the cost...duh!

    When my children were babies, a large bag of diapers sold for $25 at Costco. You would need about 30 of those per wall - $750.

    Regular insulation costs less than $40 per wall.

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    I agree with Marjorie. The thought of using them for anything other than the intended purposes is hard to imagine. Sure use them to dust, wipe, or even add a little cushion somewhere, but do not use them as a static structure of your house. Disease, smells, inspection violation, cost, weird looks when you tell people, all of these reasons say no! DO NOt dO iT! Your future home buyers will thank you for it.

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