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    Default Exterior Door with brick molding questions

    I replaced my exterior doors with pre-framed steel doors. The old doors had 1 x 1 1/2 wood brick molding. I looked at the products at Home Depot and Lowes and they are 2 x 2 inch brick moldings. Should I cut back the stucco exterior to make room for the 2 in. molding? Or should I ripe the molding into 1 inch strips. That looks like it will go poorly, since I am wanting to use the pvc molding product. Hoping the platic will last longer than wood aginst rain, weather etc.

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    Default Re: Exterior Door with brick molding questions

    You might check here look at the stucco brick molding.

    If you can't find the size you need buy some 1" x 4 PVC and rip it to 1" widths. It will be a little plainer than the brick mold but that small it won't really matter.I wouldn't mess with the stucco unless it was absolutely necessary.
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