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    Smile Molding at bathroom floor

    :confused Hay boys and girls;
    I am remodeling a bathroon for a lady. All has gone well, plumbing,new floor, tile,etc, Now I have been given this 4" molding< Rubber > that needs mitering. It has ridges and humps in it and I can not cut the miter with a razor blade.
    I asked her to see if they had corners for the molding, but she wants it mitered. It's too darn spongy.
    Can I get a word of advice from one of my Co-hearts in the field.
    I'm new to posting here, but have been a member of This Old House for, geeezzz Ever. I seem to of always been to late to help anyone and besides you all have taught me a thing or too
    I love remodling, have built new, but I enjoy remodling more. Nothing is square or flat-really works the brain some times.
    I hope every ones day has been well worth the effort, and you have been thanked for your skill. My thing is food. I love to eat and some of the folks I done work for were exelent cooks. Yes I work cheap. I do it all excypt concrete. I just cant ever get the mix right.
    Peace and happiness to you and your familys.

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    Default Re: Molding at bathroom floor

    Miter it from the front.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Molding at bathroom floor

    Get some double back tape and stick it on a board or piece of plywood, cut the miter then peal it off.
    Be sure you live your life, because you are a long time dead.-Scottish Proverb

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    Default Re: Molding at bathroom floor

    first off why are they using that type of molding? is it the plastic or is it the rubber molded one? (that one is expensive and is only used for curves.

    cut it on the miter saw. or go buy mdf or fingerjointed pine molding and back prime it and caulk real good around the seem at the floor and at the top. I have never heard of the stuff you are using unless it is that cheep plastic stuff.

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