:confused Hay boys and girls;
I am remodeling a bathroon for a lady. All has gone well, plumbing,new floor, tile,etc, Now I have been given this 4" molding< Rubber > that needs mitering. It has ridges and humps in it and I can not cut the miter with a razor blade.
I asked her to see if they had corners for the molding, but she wants it mitered. It's too darn spongy.
Can I get a word of advice from one of my Co-hearts in the field.
I'm new to posting here, but have been a member of This Old House for, geeezzz Ever. I seem to of always been to late to help anyone and besides you all have taught me a thing or too
I love remodling, have built new, but I enjoy remodling more. Nothing is square or flat-really works the brain some times.
I hope every ones day has been well worth the effort, and you have been thanked for your skill. My thing is food. I love to eat and some of the folks I done work for were exelent cooks. Yes I work cheap. I do it all excypt concrete. I just cant ever get the mix right.
Peace and happiness to you and your familys.