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    Default which painter's putty or caulk?

    Hey All,
    we have a 1930's house with some new pine on some of the windows and 8" wide plank door trim and floor trim is that same wood (some old some new) up next to the new plaster over old plaster walls. I have nail holes and 1/8 to 1/4 inch (well maybe not 1/4") gaps to fill.

    What type of caulk or painter's putty should I use?

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    Default Re: which painter's putty or caulk?

    It might sound silly, but use painters caulk. It's a lightweight caulk designed for trim and molding work. DAP makes Alex Painters Caulk.

    DAP also makes spackle for holes

    There are other brands of both products out there, any should suffice. All will be available at any hardware store, big box, or building supplier.
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