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    Default Mirror lighting for sensitive eyes

    I recently read an article on the use of lighting for bathroom
    mirrors by Susan Arnold. A very good article and timely as I
    am completing the second bathroom remodel in this home and am
    struggling with the medicine cabinet mirror lighting.

    I have undergone multiple eye surgeries to correct extreme myopia
    and have also had cataract surgery in both eyes. I am left with
    much thinner corneas and as such, am sensitive to light intensity.

    Any type of mirror lighting in particular if offered at wattages
    recommended (i.e. 150 watts or more per mirror) will cause extreme
    washout for me making it difficult to use the mirror. Even side
    lighting i.e. theatrical lighting will cause this affect.
    I have installed dimmers for this circuit.

    I recently removed a two light fixture in a small half bath that
    offered directly exposed bulbs inside a pleated glass cover.
    Horrible to say the least. I replaced it with a three bulb
    fixture of lower wattage but in this case, the bulbs point up
    and the glass around the bulbs is frosted. This room also has
    a high ceiling (10') painted white. This solution provides
    lighting that I can live with.

    The bathroom I am about about to complete has a lower ceiling
    which is just under 8' and is paneled in dark planking.
    The walls are painted a muted beige.

    I would like to know if given my limitations both visually and
    architecturally, anyone could recommend a good task lighting
    solution for such an area.

    I have the flexibility of either using commercially made fixtures
    or building something of my own design. I built the dual sink
    stands and accompanying drawer unit and intend to build the
    medicine cabinets to match. They will be surface mounted as
    the interior wall did not allow for an in wall unit....too much

    I have considered a separate box to be attached to the top of the
    medicine cabinets to which I could either have internal lighting
    or commercial units mounted on the front.

    Any suggestions welcomed.

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    Default Re: Mirror lighting for sensitive eyes

    Thanks very much for the timely input. I think I'll do some
    experimenting before settling on the final solution.

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