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    Default Type of Insulation for Shower Drain Pipe?

    With the past 2 days of freezing weather here in RI, our new shower drain pipe-specifically the u-bend, has been frozen with the water sitting in the bend. Our shower/bathroom sits over a crawl space which is partially insulated.
    My husband was able to heat the u-bend, but I want more of a permanent solution. He wants to use heat-tape on the PVC drain pipe and I told him I had heard that shouldn't be done. I need advice on what to do (other than insulating the crawl space with he knows we have to do). Thank you

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    Default Re: Type of Insulation for Shower Drain Pipe?

    Insulate the entire floor of the show and drain system with a 2lb closed cell foam. You can get small DIY kits from companies like Tiger Foam, FomoFoam, etc.

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