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    Default Inadequate domestic hot water

    I have a boiler with coil and both are in good condition. After discussions with HVAC people, I was recommended to go with an indirect fired unit to have all the hot water I want. The problem is the cost $3,000-4500.
    Can an electric hot water heater be combined in some way?

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    Default Re: Inadequate domestic hot water

    Get more estimates: six or more if you have to.

    The quote of $3k to $4.5k is WAY out of line.

    An electric HWH is NOT recommended, especially if you already have a boiler; an electric will cost much more $$$ to run.

    A typical 40 gal indirect unit costs the installer $600 to $700 tops from the wholesaler.

    I can see where they have to add some piping, a zone valve or zone circ., etc & charge for 2 or 3 hours labor, but it doesn't add up to the quotes you have so far.

    Don't ignore local fuel oil dealers in your area, who often charge less & have lots of experience installing indirects.

    Recommended 40 gallon units are Triangle Tube Phase 3, Peerless, Crown Megastor, Weil Mclain, Buderus, Burnham. Amtrol Boilermate, HTP Superstor, TFI Everhot, Viessmann.

    The Viessmann is a very good German import, that may cost more, but is excellent.

    Yes, these units are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by everyone in the industry for anyone who already has a boiler; they use the hot water from the boiler to heat the domestic supply, thus they burn no fuel on their own, and you won't run out of hot water.

    Please post back to let us know if you can get a quote in the $1k ballpark.
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