I recently installed wall shelving in my office at home, using the Real Organized Double Track standards, brackets, and hang-track from HomeDepot. I attached the 40" hang-track to the horizontal joist at the top of the (load-bearing) wall using five 2-1/2" screws. I hung three 70" standards on the hang-track and screwed them into the studs. The top two shelves use three 14" brackets, and the bottom shelf uses three 18.5" brackets.

Everything looks great. The top and middle shelves hold about 50# each of stuff. The bottom shelf holds about 250# of computer equipment.

The brackets are rated to carry 450# per pair, and I'm using three brackets per 48" shelf.

Here's my question -- What about the wall studes? Can they bear all this additional weight, or is it all going to crash down on my head at some point?

Thanks for anyone's advice on this.