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    Default Double sink vanity

    Most double sink vanities I see are at least 60" wide. What would be the smallest width that would still be pratical?

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    Default Re: Double sink vanity

    you figure at least 24" per vanity sink (they average about 17" wide) this allows room for space between sink and side of cabinet as well as overhang. I have done double bowls at 48"

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    Default Re: Double sink vanity

    IMHO, anything less than 60" doesn't leave enough counter space for placing items as they're being used, let alone "permanent" things like toothbrush charger, kleenex, hand creams, soap dispensers, etc.

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    Default Re: Double sink vanity

    Hmmm... I would say that it really depends on the size of your bathroom. How much space are you working with?

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    I would have to agree wiht A.Spruce... anything less than 60" for a double bowl sink won't leave you much space. If you are buying stock cabinets, most manufacturers jump from 48" to 60" vanities for that very reason.

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    Default Re: Double sink vanity

    I would agree that 60" is a good min size for a double vanity.

    Another idea for the vanity cabinet is to take two smaller vanities and install as one. In our master bath, I took two 36" vanity units - one with drawers right hand, the other with left hand. I set it up so the drawers were all in the center. Just an idea that may give you flexibility over ordering a single large vanity cabinet.

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