I have stairs and 6 (big) dogs. I DESPISE vaccuuming (see, I can't even SPELL it!!!) Tile is my "look" of choice, but I don't want any broken hips when the kid runs down with wet feet or the dogs race up the steps. Laminate is my 2nd choice....far distant.

Any experience out there with slippage/safety on tiled stairs? Also, if we don't bullnose the edge but merely butt the tile edges together and grout appropriately, will that stair edge be extra vulnerable/prone to chipping, breaking down, etc?

Hey, they used to put stone steps in castles, didn't they? And of course, my home is my...

Thanks for any wisdom out there. I've asked 13 "box store" people and been provided 13 differing opinions. It would be a costly mistake to undo tile if it really proved to be dangerous or fragile in this application.