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    Default Outlet Wiring Issue

    My standard 120V outlet suddenly went dead, kinda. C/B okay.

    My troubleshooting led me to this odd discovery. I pulled the recepticle out thereby leaving only bare wires to test with my voltmeter.

    2 black load, 2 white neutral, and ground are in the box. One of the black load wires will read a good solid 120v when I touch the voltmeter to the ground. Oddly, the same black load wire will read only 55-60v when I touch the voltmeter to either of the two neutral white wires.

    Subsequently, when the load and neutral are connected to the recepticle, the recepticle reads only 55-60v. What is going on?

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    Default Re: Outlet Wiring Issue

    Check neutral at the breaker box.
    check neutral to ground.
    check across breaker

    are you in line with a gfi anywhere -check the kitchen, bath garage everone you can find -GFI's can have other outlets wired from them

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    Default Re: Outlet Wiring Issue

    It sounds like you have an open neutral some where along the line and are reading through sanother device on the line.
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    Default Re: Outlet Wiring Issue

    As was mentioned, you probably have a bad neutral connection. To narrow down where it is you need to start back tracking to the panel.

    If you know what other outlets are on the same circuit, start with the one next to the bad outlet and then the next and so on working back toward the panel, looking for the same bad reading between the hot and neutral.

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