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    Default Cold air from fireplace despite 2 dampers

    Our wood burning, masonary box fireplace has its original "throat" damper and a newer Lyemance top seal damper.

    Neither one seals out the cold air! As imagined, the top seal damper is better than the throat damper, but expected the top seal damper to solve the cold air problem.

    What else should be considered?

    Had the masonary remortared one year ago(as our home inspector suggested, prior to purchasing)--didn't seem to help or perhapse the person didn't do the best job.

    The house is 20 years old and was built with a wood burning fire place. Previous owners had(at some point) changed it over to gas logs. We reverted it back to its wood burning ability.


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    Default Re: Cold air from fireplace despite 2 dampers

    You have to remember that you have a rather sizable masonry mass sticking above the roof, it gets cold and cools the air in the chimney, the cold air falls and comes out the fireplace. Fire place dampers are notorious for leaking. Even if they don't when new a few fires and they start to warp and not fit as they should. Blocking the fireplace opening will help. A good set of glass fireplace doors properly installed will come as close to accomplishing that as possible.
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