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    Default New Product Introduction

    Hello to all:

    I have a new product that is fresh on the market that I would love some input on. While it doesn't apply much to the northern climates it does work for us in the south. It is an inline p-trap chlorinator that fits on the A/C drain line. As everyone knows this a troublesome spot for anyone running their A/C as much as we run it in the south. This line is notorious for plugging with what is known as 'cold-water" algae. This product has a 3' chlorine tablet that the drain water is forced over. It releases 6-8 PPM's of chlorine and stops the growth of this algae. The AL-G-LIMINATOR can replace the existing trap or if placed in front of the existing trap can keep it clean as well. The chlorine tablet will keep the drain from plugging for at least 1 year. The price of the unit is based on a fraction of the price a plumber would charge the homeowner for a service call. The full retail price is $69.95. This price is not itched in stone and it does not include taxes and shipping. All comments, negitive or positive, will be greatly appreciated.
    See more at WWW.AL-G-LIMINATOR.COM.
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