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    Default Resurfacing acoustical tile ceilings

    Is there a way to resurface acoustical tile ceilings? There is no visible grid, and there are holes of various sizes in each tile. Very popular, I gather, back in the 50's when my house was built! Will texture paint work? There are scuffs in places from floor-to-ceiling tension-rod bookcases, and slight dents in places where my "super hero" sons' heads hit the ceiling when they jumped off their beds. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Resurfacing acoustical tile ceilings

    You don't want to add too much weight or get these very wet. They warp and curve. You can fill scuffs with lightweight spackle and then use push pins or small nails to put the small holes back. Then seal with a thin coat of primer and paint. It's not as good a solution as replacing with a better ceiling, but it can stave off the inevitable for a while.
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    Default Re: Resurfacing acoustical tile ceilings

    when ever you install an accoustic ceiling you always have some tiles that the finish gets messed up on. which can be touched up with a can of spray paint. some new installations they paint because of wanting a desired color that, that particular tile doesn't come in. and they usually just use a good quality interior paint.

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