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    I must say that I was somewhat dissappointed to see such a high-end project use a surround sound system by Bose. These are 'dummy' oriented systems designed for implied 'simplicity', not true sound quality. I think these folks should've gotten something better. I noticed the installer on the show had a Bose shirt on, so it was probably a sponsorship based decision. As an AV contractor, it makes me shake my head.

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    Can anyone tell me what is the piece of electronics that had 300+ CDs stored and permitted tv to be watched in the family room and music available elsewhere at the same time? Thanks.

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    While I don't know if this is what the Newton Project actually used but the contactor's website has this:


    Escient uses a video-based system to catalog and store your CDs or DVDs for retrieval. With capacities up to 4,500 discs, there is an Escient system to meet your needs.
    Escient Music Managers

    Escient Fireball E2-300. $3,999.
    Supports up to three 400 disc changers plus 300Gb on hard-disk

    Escient Fireball E-40 and E-120. Call for status.

    Escient MP-100 streaming zone player. $999.

    Escient flat-bed scanner (for scanning CD covers). $325.
    Escient 15" LCD color touchpanel. $1,999
    Escient wireless web tablet. $2,495.
    Escient Movie Managers
    Escient Fireball DVDM-100 DVD/CD manager. $1,999.
    Escient Fireball DVDM-300 DVD/CD manager with 300Gb harddisk. $4,999.

    (disclaimer: I have no connection with the contractor nor any of the product manufacturer's they supply, therefore I am not endorsing any of the products listed above.)
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Or you can use a media server like one that Sony or HP makes. That way you can get the internet and e-mail through your TV too. Get a bada$$ wireless keyboard and mouse and you can "computer" at any TV in the house.

    On the whole "Bose" point. Many people, i.e. customers want it because:

    1) They recognize the name
    2) Its super small

    Of course there are other options, in wall, in ceiling, bookshelf, wall mounted satellites etc. but the bottom line is a lot of people just don't budget enough money or just don't care.

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