Hello All,

My wife and I own a typical 2-story 2000 sf house with standard heating/air conditioning. The problem is in the tray-ceilinged master bedroom above the garage facing the north. It is always 6-8 degress higher or lower than the rest of the house. Figuring that it was the unheated space in the garage below, I ripped out the ceiling and took out the R-13 that was just laying on top of the sheetrock and put this layer stapled to the underside of the 2nd floor with chicken wire to hold it against the floor. I proceeded to put in one more layer of R-13 and another of R-30 (all noncompressed) and buttoned it up with either 5/8 or 1/2 sheetrock, taped, floated, yadda, yadda, yadda. The garage remains about in the mid 40's here in Kansas. We also replaced the only windows in the bedroom with Anderson replacements, double pane, gas filled-----one picture, one half round and two casement flankers. I thought I would be king for a day, but it has really not made any difference. Do I head to the attic, or add a drop ceiling in the garage (I have the room as it is a 9 foot ceiling)for some rigid insulation. As I sidenote, the house was built in 1992, but does not have soffit vents whick I thought was peculiar? Any comments would be appreciated.