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    Default Turn of radiators?

    I have a hot water boiler and cast iron radiators in my 110 year old house. Can I turn the radiators off upstairs? There is a valve at the bottom of the radiaor, but it is hard to turn. If I close one radiator does it shut off all of them?

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    Default Re: Turn of radiators?

    Typically old radiators are piped in a monoflo system so each is in effect their own zone so closing one off is no problem. Getting the handle to turn will just be a little work.

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    Default Re: Turn of radiators?

    I agree; if there is a shutoff valve on the rad, it should be able to be turned off.

    However, since it is hard to turn, make a note to check it closely.

    Get a large mirror and a strong light and get all the way down on the floor so you can see the underside of the valve.

    There should be a little metal stop on the underside of the handle that only allows travel of ~3 inches.

    If the valve keeps turning beyond this, the metal stop may be broken off, and you will have to fish around for the position that actually closes the valve (these valves never shut off COMPLETELY; there is a 1/8" hole in the shutoff position that allows some water to trickle thru).

    Clockwise turns the valve OFF; counterclockwise turns the valve ON.
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