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    Default the purpose of 3 wedges in ceiling of kitchen

    My 1950 ranch styled house has 3 wedges in my kitchen. They measure 5" across and 7"down, they are between my ceiling and wall. They seem to be solid and made up of plaster, they are on the perimeter of the kitchen 2 on one wall and 1 by itself. I would like to hang cabinets to the ceiling but they're in the way. Do they serve a purpose, if I take them down will my ceiling come crashing down?

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    Default Re: the purpose of 3 wedges in ceiling of kitchen

    Without see them, it's hard to be sure.
    Are these things on exterior walls? Or Interior? Both?
    It seems unlikely that they're structural. If they were somekind of wedge the excess would (usually) have been trimmed off when they were installed.

    Are they tapered, smaller to the wall? I've seen this kind of thing in a rectangular box form used to disguise mechanicals (pipes, wiring, ducts) that were retro-fitted and could not be easily set into the wall.

    You may have to do a little exploring. Perhaps chip away some of the plaster material to see what's inside. Do they sound hollow if knocked on? Have you tried using something like a stud finder to see if they're solid?

    Do a little investigating and let us know. Everybody loves a mystery.
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    Default Re: the purpose of 3 wedges in ceiling of kitchen

    Pictures would be helpful.
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