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    My exterior faucet leaks really bad around the where the handle meets the stem. Could this be just a washer? It is a old faucet do not want to mess with it if the entire faucet needs to be replaced. If you believe it is just a washer needing to be replaced, how do I go about taking it apart?
    I have the same problem with one in the basement and in my shower on both handles. They all leak around the handle that turns water on and off.
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    If this is a hose bib, then you can usually tighten the nut at the base of the stem a little to crush the seal more tightly to the stem. This will fix most leaks. If it doesn't, then replacement is the way to go.

    If you're talking about a sink type faucet, then the valves are rebuildable, including repacking the stem. I'd still try tightening the stem nut first if your faucet is so equipped.
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