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    Default How do I removed Textured wall paint

    I recently moved into a 45 year old house with the majority of the rooms being painted with a textured paint (sand particles). I would like to remove the texture paint from the walls without having to float the walls with plaster or spackle. I borrowed a hand sander but before using I thought it best to ask for advice on this subject.

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    Default Re: How do I removed Textured wall paint

    Test small patches.
    Depending on the kind of texture, you may be able to get a lot off with a sc****r - less dust than the sander.
    If the top paint is latex and it was applied over an older oil base paint you MAY (and that's a big one, MAY) be able to scratch the surface a bit, dampen some and get it to separate from the underlying layers. Test this, it's like getting paint off varnish or shelac, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    No matter what works, it's likely to be a large-type mess. Wear the proper gear. If you sand, wear a mask. A good one.
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