Location is North Carolina.

I agree on not using open cell in the attic due to roof leaks. At least the is what I have read.

Yes, the contractor did say spraying the roof deck would also require spraying the gables. But in my case, that would not cure the air leaks around the T&G boards.

I have watched a few videos from companies that sell foam applicators. TigerFoam for one. It did not appear to be spraying at a high psi. Also the spray gun was no more than twelve inches from the area being foamed.

Are there any tricks or special spray gun nozzles (long or curved nozzle) that allow you to get into tight areas such as where the roof trusses attach to the ceiling rafters?

I really do not want to DIY the type of work, but I may have to if no ones wants to do the work.

I have calls in to two more contractors.