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    Default Painting cedar siding

    My 15yr old house has cedar siding and needs painting. One painter has told me it needs to be powerwashed, sprayed and back filled. The guy that owns the local paint store has told me to never powerwash cedar siding because it will dry out the wood. What's the correct answer?!? I live in the Seattle area (lots of rain & moss) if that makes a difference.


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    Hello there! Cedar is a very delicate/expensive wood therefore it needs to get taken care of properly. Well, if, the wood is very dirty then you should power wash the wood but not like you would other woods. Doing so, you would power wash it like you would power was a car, staying maybe 24-36 inches away because a power washer spray is very strong and you do not want to peal you wood, the only thing you want to take off is the dust and spider webs, and any other debris. Make sure you have at least two sunny days for your wood to dry, because if your wood is damp and you paint the wood your paint will not soak into the wood. Make sure you also primer the wood before you paint your home. Primer is very expensive but to counter this price increase use double the paint. In other words use the first spray of your home as if you were spaying primer then apply your paint. I hope this helps!
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    Unhappy Re: Painting cedar siding

    On a similar note, we have cedar shake siding that the paint is pealing off. Catch is the paint is harder then cedar.

    How do we go about removing all the paint?

    I saw what looked like a hand held plainer in back of This old house magazine to strip paint off. Is that something that may work??

    Please help how to remove peeling paint from cedar shake siding?

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    I would generally agree with Amado. I too live in the Pacific NorthWest and would add that I would routinely add a mildecide agent to the powerwash. Household bleach works very well. I used bleach with Ivory dishwashing liquid as a mild detergent. The Ivory would also suds up and show me that I had gotten the bleach on all surfaces. You should keep the siding wet with the bleach/detergent mix for about 5 minutes. If the wall dries down, the bleach is not doing its thing. Rinse thoroughly. Don't forget to wet down all the plants which might be hit with the bleach before starting and then thouroughly rinse them down when you are done. In years of contracting, I never killed a plant or permanently stunted it.

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