So this may be the wrong forum, but there are some real home improvement sides to the question, so I'll give it a try.

I recently upgraded my phone service to FIOS. All's well. The tech did a nice job and used existing coax to connect a wireless router in my living room. All's well there.

Recently, I also had an electrician run a new circuit to my 2nd floor. This was a hastle since it's an old house with no super easy way to get the wires through the walls. Lotsa little holes..

Now that there's a nice route to get wires to the basement, I was thinking of fishing a cat5e and cat6 line through the same route as the 20amp romex line to add several phone lines and some data conectivity upstairs... It's an 1 1/2 or so inch hole through various boards, and one concrete block.

Do you see any problems with this, or have any advice on how to go about this, beyond just fishing line and running with it?

The other issue is then how to connect this new line to the network.. since the router is in the living room, and not the basement. Can you have 2 lines going to the box outside the house and a router on each end? My goal would be to have one wireless network downstairs, and one wired network upstairs..

Thanks for the input.