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    Default Wall Mount faucet

    We are renovating a guest bathroom and want to install a wall mount faucet, rather than have the faucet mounted to the vanity. I'm concerned that all plumbing and the valves will be sealed inside the wall, so any future repairs/replacement will require cutting into the wall. Also I don't see how you can have the shutoffs that usually go underneath the sink since the plumbing isn't exposed.

    Does anyone have any experience with these, and is there anything special to installing them?



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    Default Re: Wall Mount faucet

    Generally wall mount faucets have the stems on the outside of the wall and are serviced from the outside. If you are selective about which unit you use the only thing in the wall will be the supply lines. Shut offs can be behind and access panel or in the basement.
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    Default Re: Wall Mount faucet

    You could expose a loop of the supply lines under the vanity where the shut off valves would go and then back into the wall to connect to the wall mounted faucet.

    Or as Jack suggested have an access panel cut through the back of the vanity & wall and have the shut off valves in the wall. Your drain will go through the back of the vanity, correct? So there is already a starting hole!

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