Hi. I'm a new home owner. A 1941 cape cod style house in Northern VA. I'm interested in either re-tiling my bathroom myself or hiring a contractor... The bathrooms in pretty good shape, it's mainly a cosmetic issue.

My neighbor, a contractor took a look at it, and said he thinks there's only one layer of tiles on the walls, though the caps are a bit thicker than I usually see. He said that's because there's a heavy layer of mud on the walls underneath the tiles, since my house pre-dates the use of drywall.

He suggested just tiling over the existing tiles, rather than fighting with the removal of all of the old tiles since it's a real pain to deal with removing the tiles from the layer of mud below them.

I assume that you'd tear them off, then have to skim coat the walls, then add new tiles..

What do you think about this, and do you have any advice or thoughts on a job like this. It's a rather small bathroom..

If you have multiple layers of tile on the floor do you need to beef up the joists underneath to hold the extra weight?

Have you run into situations like this?