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    Default blowing out sprinkler system for winter

    Dear Sirs,

    I want to blow the water out of my water pipes for the

    The one-gallon air compressor costs $55.00. This
    still seems like a lot of money to spend for a piece
    of equipment which I will only use once a year.

    Are there any cheaper ways of blowing out the
    water for winterization? Where can I buy an air pig?

    thanks, Paul serapions@yahoo.com

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    Default Re: blowing out sprinkler system for winter

    An auto parts store will have a cheap air tank that can be refilled a a low cost. After you blow out the lines add some RV antifreeze available at an RV dealer put some of that in and blow it out again as there will be some low spots that you can't see.

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    Default Re: blowing out sprinkler system for winter

    With my system I installed a drain valve at the lowest level sprinkler valve. When I turn the system off the drain valve opens and the water drains out. The drain valve opens when there is low pressure in the system. It's like a one way check valve.

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