We purchased a home and had a inspection done. The inspector found a few things wrong as the house was only 5 years old. We asked the home owner to have them fixed as part of the contract. When we moved from out of state we assumed things were corrected. One of those items was the anti scald show diverter was set to cool. When we moved in it wasn't taken care of. So me being mechanically inclined and know what it takes to adjust it. I am an electrician by trade and have done my share of plumbing with the aid of help from plumbers on my jobsites.I have installed a bathroom in my other home and have adjusted these in the past.Now being very confident that I can correct this I collect mt tools and climb the stairs two flights to my daughters bathroom. I remove the trim and knob and loosen the screw to adjust the anti scold devise. Before I could loosen the screw out pops the how diverter piece. Water shoots out like a water cannon at the water parks. As I yelled down for some help all I could think of was the three stooges when they were plumbers. after yelling for help for what seemed like 10 minutes. I had to explain how to shut the water off while I was directing the water from hitting the shower wall and shooting all over the floor. My girlfriend goes down two flights of stairs to try shut the water off. But of course being a well system with a water softner with about 10 valves. I had to explain it in detail after she made numerous trips back up the stairs. after what seemd like 20 minutes (actually 2 minutes I asssume) she found the correct valve. After all this mess I did keep the water from ruining the ceiling below. I realized I should have had my girlfriend redirect the water while I turned the water off. I remember I adjusted the one in my other house with the water off ... But after all this I was able to re-install all the parts and fix the problem and make the water warmer.... It s funny now but at the time I thought I would never get the water turned off.