Hello all:

We just bought my homeplace from my mother's estate. My mother was always very particular about her home.....it was her favorite place on earth! It was built by a New Englander in 1904 and she was only the 2nd owner. We feel, like she did, that this home is part of our family. So, now that she is gone, we want to do some updating.

The home has a living room and dining room that are open to each other separated by sliding pocket doors. Both of these rooms have at least three coats of wallpaper over the original plaster. Of course, my mother did an awesome job using the old-fashioned paste that she mixed and all three layers are still sticking pretty darn good (shucks!). There are a few bubbles in corners though. Anyway, the top layer is old,yellowed, and needs replacing. I want to switch to a solid color of paint. My questions are:

1. Should I use a steamer and try to get the 3 layers of wallpaper off of the plaster and see what I got?


2. Should I not chance it and put a skim coat of drywall compound over all of the wallpaper and paint?


3. Put paintable wallpaper on top of the old other 3 and just paint?

As you might have guessed, I have gotten a lot of opinions from southern folks.


Paula KYLady