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Thread: U shaped stairs

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    We have an existing rectangular deck on the back of our home. The deck is approximately 12' wide and 37' long. I am adding approximately 10' x 10' on each end of the deck making it a u shape. The stairs will wrap the inside of the u shape. My question involves framing the stairs in the corners of the u shape. There will be four steps from the deck to the lawn. I don't know what to do stair framing wise to make this work in the corners.

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    Cop out! Instead of stairs into the corners, why not planter boxes or similar?

    But still, if you want the stairs, and want them supported in the corner, the tread depth of the support can most easily determined by cutting a step board at 45 degree miter, and measuring the fresh cut (angled). To ensure sufficient support for each step end, double these supports. These supports will be about a third longer than those in the middle of the step.

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