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    Default dricore on uneven basement floor

    We have a 90 year old small basement. We had some small water problems, so we had it waterproofed last year. Haven't had any problems since, but it still can be somewhat damp down there. We'd like to use the space for a teenage boy hangout. We peeled up the old vinyl tiles. Underneath is an old concrete floor that slants down to a drain on one side of the room.

    We're thinking of putting down dricore and carpet on top of that. Will that work with a slanted floor?

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    Default Re: dricore on uneven basement floor

    That's a tricky one.

    The Dricore floor system is a decent product that is relatively DIY friendly to install.

    The basic idea is the 2x2 foot panels are connected to each other with tongue and grooves forming a floating sub floor. They are designed to be laid on a relatively flat or true surface having no more than 1/4 inch of unevenness ... though they have shims available but only up 1/4 inch variance.

    If your floor has a slope it may work as long as the surface is true .... meaning it doesn't have dips and humps.

    The tricky part will be any transition of the concrete floor ... say from level to slope ... or around the drain if it's cupped.

    You might try laying an 8 foot 2x4 down on the floor at different spots as a reference to see how true and even the floor will be first.

    Here is a link to their web-site ... in there you will also find the installation procedures :

    Hopefully this makes sense and helps.

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