I have a problem too with my door, first ... this door is about 60 years old and when the door latch stopped working right, the local hardware company suggested we replace the lock and that they would install it.

The latch they put in was different then the orginal, they told us those types of locks are no longer made and couldn't get the orginal.

After they did there install, we paid and they left..... 3 days later the door was not closing again........... and its still not fixed

The hardware company came back, install another lockset , charged us again and left

And again after a few days..........the door does not shut

For what i can figure out is that the little metal shaft keeps sticking inside the latch and does not release when the knob is turned

The hole where the orginal latch was was quite long (7 or 8 inches) and this new latch rests in this hole is around 4 inches long.

Should i try and fill this hole with something myself and what do i do about getting the little metal shaft to pop in and out of the lockset as its supose to do?

I really do not want to call our hardware store company anymore as they have allready costed me nearlly $200 for there two trips of bad service

Any suggestions?