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    Recently my wife and I pulled up the carpeting from our farm house and were going to put new wood floors down and during this process my niece mistakenly pulled up the floor boards and we discovered the original yellow pine plank floor. Needless to say the project started from there. We love the new floor but my wife hates the spacing between the boards because it originally had some sort of corking between them. Question: Is there a product of some sort that can fill the gaps? Or can the guys of TOH give me some help on this? Thanks
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    I'm not an expert in anything here, but years ago, I saw a This Old House (or maybe Ask This Old House) where they put rope between the planks of a wide plank wood floor. I'm thinking about doing it in my own house, but haven't actually done it yet. But it looked beautiful; you put the ropes between the boards, then waxed over the whole thing, I think.

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