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    We need to insulate out mechanical room (furnace- blower) so that it is quieter. I have read that cork acoustical wall tile is of great benefit. Has anyone used it, or do you have a better solution?

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    There's another post in the "heating" section of this forum that deals with the same problem, entitled "Heater Noise"

    Before expending effort & $$$ on sound deadening, try to quiet down the blower motor, as discussed in "Heater Noise"

    It may be something as simple as a dirty air filter, but in general, is due to a bad air restriction, usually in the return duct near the fan/fan motor.

    So often the ducting is so restricted there that a lot of air noise is produced.

    Often adding additional air return vents at that point solves the problem.

    Another major cause of noise is excessive vibrations in the ducts due to loose metal attachment screws or vibrations caused by loose hold-down motor brackets, or worn motor bearings.

    If you have a regular HVAC/furnace service person, have them come over & take a look at it to see if anything can be done.
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