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    Default Replacing Hot Water Heater Problem

    We just replaced our hot water heater. Went smoothly until we opened faucets. Bathroom faucet and shower work fine; same pressure as always. But kitchen hot water pressure is very low...this was not an issue earlier this morning beforew we replaced the hot water heater. Cold water pressure in all faucets is fine.

    What happened??

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    Default Re: Replacing Hot Water Heater Problem

    Sediment from the old tank probably got into the kitchen sink line and blocked it.

    If a contractor did the job, first see if you can get him/her back to repair the problem.

    Otherwise, there is a procedure at the site below to backflush the sink line to get the sediment out.

    First cut out a little circle in a piece of black friction tape, unscrew the faucet aerator from the kitchen sink faucet, insert the tape into the little screen, replace the plastic aerators & screw the aerator housing back onto the faucet.

    Go down to the cellar, attach a short hose leading to a drain or bucket to the hw tank drain, open the hw drain, then go upstairs & open the kitchen sink hot & cold faucets; if it's a single handle model, position the handle at the center position.

    This procedure should force some cold water & sediment back to the tank & flush the line.

    When done, close the drain on the hw tank & allow the kitchen hw line to run a while to clear all sediment.

    Click onto the site below, then onto "troubleshooting", at the top of the page, then onto "tanklets", then onto "backflushing blocked piping".
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    Question Hot Water Shut off valves

    Hello everyone, not sure am doing this correctly. But I have a question.

    My friend just had a home inspection and the inspection report stated that my friend must remove a "Shut off Valve" on the Hot water supply of his Electric Hot Water Tank.

    There are 2 water shut off valves on his hot water tank one on the cold side and one on the hot side. Personally I don't see anything wrong with it being unsafe to have a shut off on the hot side. The plumbing is PVC piping not copper. Can anyone explain this? "Why it would be considered unsafe"
    Thanks Donnie

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