My husband and I purchased our first home last May-a 1922 bungalow. We know that our only bathroom was expanded (thankfully) at some point in the life of the house. All of the plaster was replaced in the house (BOO!) and we now have drywall. Unfortunately we have started noticing that there are cracks showing up in the seams between the walls and ceiling (also one along a corner of two walls). This was apparently "fixed" by using cauking by either the past owner or past tenant (it was a rental for years). Obviously their patch job is failing and now the cracks are becoming more apparent. We are both afraid to close the door when we shower since that would clearly cause more moisture build-up. We're not sure 1. why this happening and 2. what the heck to do.
I am of course starting to run worse case scenarios around in my head like we have to redo all the drywall in the bathroom....oh, and we have not noticed this problem in other areas of the house.
If anyone can offer help we would greatly appreciate it!