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    Default Filling cracks between house and concrete patio deck

    I'm in the process of doing alot of work to my home and one
    of the things I'm not sure about is how to fill in long and somewhat wide cracks between the exterior wall of the house and the edge of the concrete patio deck. Need suggestions from anyone that has had a similar problem and was able to find a way of effectively filling the cracks and have them stay sealed.
    I live in south Florida so even though we don't go through
    severe winters; rain and heat are two factors that we deal with all the time. Keep in mind that the house is raised so the elevation of the deck patio is about 2-1/2 feet above the back yard. Anything I pour into that crack will just simply drip down to the ground below the concrete deck.
    What can I use to act as a catch or base to hold and allow whatever I pour to cure? Your comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Filling cracks between house and concrete patio deck

    Not knowing the material of the house exterior, both just suggestions. If wood or siding, I would tack a furring strip in the crack to fill the visual void, but leaving space between surfaces for drainage and drying. If against the concrete foundation, fill with caution if your ground moves at all. In any case, I suggest a soft material with good drainage, such as pea gravel or sand.

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