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    Default Painted dressers

    My grandparents left me a bedroom set with two dressers, an end table, headboards and a mirror. They were painted white with a **** trim. They are very yellow now after years of my grandparents smoking. I have tried Murphy's oil soap to clean it and some yellow did come off, I am looking for help on how to clean this without taking the paint off. I heard mineral spirits might work, but will that leave the paint on? Do I need to wash off the mineral spirits after using? And will I need to put a new top coat to protect the paint after cleaning? Any other cleaning suggestions?

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    Default Re: Painted dressers

    You might try some TSP cleaner (trisodium phosphate)
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    Default Re: Painted dressers

    My favorite cleaner for almost any surface is window cleaner. Murphy's oil soap is great for wood, but for painted wood like you have, try the window cleaner.
    I was given a bedroom set that kids had drawn all over with ballpoint pen, and put stickers on. The window cleaner took it ALL of quite nicely.

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