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    Default Copy-rt. on homename?

    What a great resource this webpage is!

    Nice to see people sharing : )

    Hey- my family bought an old dwelling about a year ago ( in a pretty much rural locale that is about to 'boom' or be ruined by what preservation-minded people call "inappropriate infill".)

    we haven't finished our (self-done) title search
    but we're back as far as the 1850's +home has carried an estate "name" since that time

    last year we became a state~landmk.

    sadly- right after buying, a (very unpleasant)developer applied for and won the right to sub-div. a property directly adj. to our home.

    the local govt officials who regularly make these decisions gave him the right to build around 15 new dwellings on 5 adj acres. even though the state and loc. dept/hist/resources suggested in support letters that this was inappropriate.
    these dwellings will be built right up to within 15 feet of our property line, and because our footprint sits on 3 ac. like a postage stamp(in a corner), the new/buildings will be as close as 50' from the side of our home.

    the question is- this man applied to build, giving his proj. one name on his applications (to put on his sign) and then (quietly- without any request of us) re-named his sub-div. prop. to include the actual name of our house- which as i said is now a state landmark- soon to go natl.

    though ground has been broken and the adj. ac's nearly completely deforested, nothing has been builtyet.

    Q: don't we have the rights to the moniker of our house?

    (in gaining state status we checked the boxes for "do not publish" so our files and images of our structure are private- though in the state files.

    "monticello's-revenge", built right next to t.j.'s former digs.
    (great name for a colonial taco stand :) have at it.

    any help that is given is appreciated thoroughly.
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