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    Default more from the first time home owner

    Replace the ceiling fans.....one doesn't work the other only cools..... ADD ceiling fan to Master Bedroom.....And to the side porch....

    Paint the front bedroom/office

    Finish the laundry nook and add shelves

    Paint kitchen - I truly hate peach coloured walls

    Tear down the shed, after buying a new one and putting futher in the backyard, rather than right in the middle where previous home owners put it.

    Actually find out if there is anything in the attic and then install new attic access stairs.

    Clean out under the house and install vapor barrier

    kill all ants living under the house

    refinish the floors

    Oh yea I forgot the bathroom window......it needs to be replaced with something opaque, because currently everyone driving by can see INTO the bathroom and sadly the tub is right there so no hiding when you shower. Currently it has a curtain over it.
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