This is a fresh thread to follow along where this thread left off:

We've got a 1947 house that has cinderblock exterior walls, and 1x4" vertical furring strips on the inside to hold the lath & plaster (only the original lath wasn't really wood lath, it was early drywall that contained wood dust and was perforated to accept & hold the plaster.

The problem is that there's really no insulation. There's really no getting inside the cinderblock to put expando foam in there, so our only options that I can see are to either frame out new walls inside the cinderblock walls, which opens up all sorts of issues with the top & bottom plates, floors, etc, or to just use a 3/4" insulating board between furring strips and deal with the heat-loss.

I have perused framing & construction books seemingly to no end, but have not found any good solution.

We cannot be the only people to have run into this situation, so I'm hoping maybe someone has some advice in this regard.

Any ideas?