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    Default Could you please.... us figure out our baseboard woes? Three years ago we bought an apartment in a beautiful pre-war building in Queens, New York. The baseboard is chewed up and covered with decades of paint. We thought it would be easier to remove it than strip the paint and discover who knows what. My husband valiantly began this project. The walls are plaster and the exterior walls are masonry. Not an inch of nice flat dry wall in the place, nor are there any right angels to be found. When we removed a section of baseboard we found that it was recessed into the plaster. The new baseboard we chose is taller than the old one. How do we fill in the spaces in order to attach the new pieces? Of course the charm of the old materials was partly why we bought the place, but it can make for a tough row to hoe! Any advise? It would be a great Valentine's Day present to finally finish the living room/ bedroom updates we've made!

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    You could fill it with some drywall that's the same thickness as the void. If you use drywall that's just barely fills the void you could skim coat it with some light weight joint compound.

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    Lightbulb Re: Could you please....

    If you don't want the hassle of dry wall and compound I would just put firring strips over the studs where you intend to nail any way. scrap plywood, or mdf is also a good choice because it's more stable.

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