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    Red face Stained glass bookcase doors

    I built a bookcase for the wife's cookbooks to stop our cats from scratching the books.....The doors are going to have stained glass panels (the wife is very talented). I need some help building the doors to support the glass panels. Each glass panel is 27" x 8.5".

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    Default Re: Stained glass bookcase doors

    I have a suggestion since I can't really get down there to help.

    you can either get Picture frame molding with a deep rabbet to hold the glass or rout out a rabbet in the rails and styles after you assemble them with pocket screw technology.

    You can pick up the jig and step drill bit as a kit in most hardware stores.

    I could calculate the amount of molding you would need if you want to try to cut the miters yourself then glue it your self. There's a glue called corner weld you should be able to find from M&M Distributors but you'll need mechanical fasteners such as nails through the sides or v brads that can be pressed through the back of the framing.

    Have fun.

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