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    Default Insulation for partially finished attic?

    Hello- our 1920's brick and stucco house has a 2/3 finished attic and 1/3 unfinished. It is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. We would like to add insulation to the roof, but I have been told by one standard insulation contractor that standard insulation won't work on a split situation like this. He basically said that due to condensation issues, we probably couldn't insulate this area at all. Does anyone have experience with this? Would blown in insulation work in a partially finished/unfinished situation?

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    Default Re: Insulation for partially finished attic?

    You are going to have to supply more information as I can't picture what you are trying to describe. What is your definition of "finished"? But I can tell you that any contractor that says a space can't be insulated really means HE (or SHE) doesn't know how or does not have the equipment to insulate the area properly. Just move on from those people and find one who does know how and has the equipment. Some insulation contractors only own a staple gun.

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