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    Default The list at my house

    I could do all of these things myself if I had finally recovered from a rotator cuff injury in 2000. I'm not going to be able to ever do all these things myself.

    Clean the carpet
    strip the fireplace
    paint the living room
    hang shelves in my craft room I've been saving those closet doors to make floating shelves
    paint my craft room
    strip the cabinets, wainscotting and rock in the kitchen
    paint the kitchen
    rip up tile in the kitchen
    rip up the linoleum under the tile and in the laundry room
    take down the walls around the washing machine and dryer
    install outside vent for dryer
    put down hardwood in the entryway, laundry and kitchen
    replace the side door and frame in the garage
    replace the trim in the kids' rooms
    paint the kids' rooms
    put a floor in the guest bath
    paint the guest bath
    put up trim in master suite
    pull up the damaged wood flooring and slick tile in master suite
    carpet master suite
    replace flooring in master bath
    take out sofit in master bath
    strip cabinets in master bath
    paint master bath
    build shelving in studio and garage
    take down shed
    build pool house/green house/storage on the pool patio
    move the fence
    fix the sprinkler system find sand point first
    fix the tiller
    get the weeds out of the garden
    replace the 30 rose bushes we've let die in the last 10 years by moving them and not planting them right away or incorrectly.
    Plant the flowerbeds designs I showed you
    get that automated mower

    Then lets talk about the boat, extra money projects and my need for more time to sew and crochet.
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