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    Default Baseboard Heat Noise

    When my baseboard heating unit turns on, in some rooms, it sounds like someone is taking a hammer to the pipes. What is the cause and how can I fix it?


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    Default Re: Baseboard Heat Noise

    I've had the same problem and here's what I've read... Good luck!

    Baseboard heat noise solutions:

    • Plastic gliders (not metal)
    • Expansion compensators on long runs
    • Outdoor-air reset control (water cycles continuously, varies boiler temp)

    Banging (water boiling – check temp, should be less than 210 at all times – have read less than 220.)
    • TURN BOILER TEMP DOWN! this is dangerous.

    Banging (pipe expanding against too-small hole in floor or wall)
    • Bleed system
    • Bigger hole
    • “high heat caulking compound” applied to hole
    • Outdoor-air reset control mitigate but not solve

    Banging (fast-closing zone valve – before circulator stops)
    • Bleed system
    • Check expansion tank
    • fast-closing cause this: Honeywell, Erie, small White Rogers
    • slow-closing solve: Taco, large White Rogers

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