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    Default Replacing Ancient Toilet

    We are remodeling the bathroom in our 1940 house. Is there any other way to "move" the toilet drain other than ripping up the floor? The drain measures 15 1/2" from the center of the drain to the finished wall. I seem to remember watching an episode of TOH where they used a kind of adapter rather than moving the drain itself. My husband says I am.......wrong. Please help.
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    Default Re: Replacing Ancient Toilet

    There are such things as Toilet Offset Flanges. I remember the episode you are speaking of, it seems it was a unit you put under the toilet to adjust to the misaligned flange but I can't remember the episode or that particular product name.
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    Tes that is the only way to move the closet opening . In your case you might find a 14" rough toilet. They aint just every where but you can get them and in a variety of colors and styles.

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