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    Default Coat cubby: Plywood and/or boxcar siding?

    Am about to build a 4x2 1/2x6-ft cubby for kids' coats, shoes, etc. Basement location has boxcar siding on walls and part of ceiling.
    Am considering building cubby in:
    - all plywood, or
    - plywood + laminate, or
    - all boxcar siding, or
    - plywood for horizontal surfaces + boxcar siding for verticals.

    Could some of you more experienced carpenters weigh in on these options?

    Much obliged.


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    Default Re: Coat cubby: Plywood and/or boxcar siding?

    Since it's in the basement, I'd pick the easiest way and that would be plywood with enamel paint. The boxcar siding might be nice but, it's a basement ...

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