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    Default location of vent for condensing boiler

    When installing a new condensing boiler (for instance a Vitodens 100)... are there regulations as to how far the vent needs to be located from windows/doors (when venting out the side of the building as opposed to venting out the roof)? I realize the codes might vary amongst municipalities... but is there a general go by? eg.. how many feet from door or window?? Thanks.

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    Default Re: location of vent for condensing boiler

    Each town has its own guidelines for venting heating equipment, called the minimum housing codes.

    You will have to call your code enforcement office at your town hall to get this info.

    Side vents are usually not recommended by installers (they stain the siding and create fumes odors) if there is some other way to get the vent up to the roof with a double-walled chimney.

    In the case of the Viessmann condensing boilers, they don't even use a vent or chimney; they just have a 2" plastic condensate drain pipe that empties into a sewer drain.
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