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    Default Old house construction - tile floors

    I have a home which is approx 80 + yr old and I am planning on completely remodeling the bathroom. I have tile walls half way up the wall and small inlayed tiles (some missingClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	490) on the floor which looks like they poured a thick cement base and put the small tiles on top of the cement base ([ATTACH]_pack[/ATTACH]Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	492). I am going to replace the tub, all of the plumbing, wall tiles and old plaster. I need to know if I must completely remove the cement and tiles from the floor or can I spread a leveling compound and put a new floor on top of the existing one.

    Thanks for any help I really confused on this one.

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    Default Re: Old house construction - tile floors


    Your floor is a porcelain tile beat into a cement bed with porland cement mortar. To just put leveling cement over the tile will cause all cracks to telescope through the new tile. You can put a crack membraine down first. Removing the old bed and rebuild with plywood and cement board is not to hard, it's just dusty and heavy. If you have a cement bed on the walls it is on a wire mesh and is going to take a little more work than the floor. If you are using all new it would be better to gut the whole room, unless you want some of the tiles.

    Larry Mobley

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